TopLoad packaging machine with syringe transport system

Dividella is presenting its highly flexible NeoTOP x cartoner for processing small to average lot sizes. Highlights of the packaging system include:

  • Manual inserter module for processing small lot sizes
  • Flexible product infeed by ABB's YuMi collaborative robots
  • Folding boxes preserialized with China code by Rondo
  • Personalized packaging
  • Inspection of the China Code by Seidenader's Track&Trace camera
  • Predictive Maintenance Tool

Fargo Automation's syringe infeed features:

  • Reliable, accurate product handling
  • Line integration

New generation of blister machines for parenteralia

Mediseal is presenting its new generation of blister machines for parenteralia: BE. Highlights of the deep-draw blister machine include:

  • Increased machine availability: shortened change-over and cleaning times, fewer parts, fewer settings
  • Improved access to all areas: the entire front of the machine opens - no pillars or supports
  • A new design concept with smooth surfaces and rounded corners, for even better cleaning
  • Job-based control concept with self-explanatory symbols
  • Graphic fault display
  • Easy operation due to customizable jobs
  • Homepage and header with customizable widgets
  • Developed to be 100 percent modular – it won the 2016 Modularization Readiness Award (Bronze)

    Packaging line for solids with high-speed cartoner and serialization

    Mediseal is showing a CP600 blister line, in line with its new continuous P5000 high-speed cartoner, which reliably packages up to 500 cartons per minute. Highlights of the packaging line include:

      • Up to 500 cartons per minute
      • High-speed blister transfer by robots
      • Fast format changes: the width adjustment on the product stack transport and the carton height adjustment are automatic
      • Rapid maintenance, uncomplicated cleaning: ideal access to all areas of the machine
      • Infeed module can be swiveled out of the machine for fast format changes and trouble-shooting
      • Hinged functional elements as on the P3200 cartoner
      • Large format range, up to max. 90 x 110 x 200 mm (150 x 110 x 200 mm)
      • Perfectly matched to the Mediseal primary packaging in the upstream packaging process.

        Seidenader is demonstrating its ItemUnit in line with the Mediseal system. It features:

        • Secure traceability using coding, serialization and aggregation of individual packs (items)
        • Up to 500 folding boxes per minute

          De-Nester/Re-Nester solution: DE.SY.RE

          Seidenader is showing its new DE.SY.RE De-Nester/Re-Nester solution for contactless syringe inspection. Highlights of the infeed include:

          • Fast, highly accurate Delta robot for filling the inspection machine and subsequent removal of the containers
          • High-speed: up to 600 containers per minute
          • Highly accurate
          • Non-glass-to-glass contact
          • A complete turnkey solution

          Virtual Reality in the box

          You can now experience Seidenader's inspection machines and Track & Trace solutions directly! In the Seidenader Black Box, using VR headsets, visitors can literally immerse themselves in the company's machines and processes.

          Packaging development and design

          At interpack, Rondo will be presenting is wide range of packaging solutions for the pharma industry:

          • Using Near Field Communication (NFC) and Augmented Reality, the aim is to open up new ways of communicating between drug manufacturers and end users.
          • The patented CAREP'AK is a new solution for child-proof packaging of solid products, from the first to the final removal from the pack.
          • Offline solution for serialization of folding boxes outside of the actual packaging process.

          PAS-X KPI software for real-time monitoring of production and packaging lines

          Werum’s PAS-X KPI is a lean software product for live monitoring of production and packaging lines to improve the shop floor performance of pharma and biotech facilities.

          PAS-X KPI provides real-time key performance indicators (KPI) to optimize processes or equipment. It is the only KPI/OEE tool dedicated solely to the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.


          • Pharma focus
          • Integrated data from level 2 to 4
          • Cross-plant comparison
          • Lean product, ready to start


          Line controller independent Track & Trace solution, seamlessly integrated into MES

          Werum IT Solutions offers a vendor-independent Track & Trace solution to comply with the anti-counterfeiting requirements of any country around the globe. PAS-X Track & Trace provides serialization and aggregation functionality for packaging processes and integrates the ERP and the Global Repository with the shop floor packaging equipment and line controllers. PAS-X Track & Trace is a smart option to get started with Werum’s manufacturing IT solutions and can easily be extended to a full-scope PAS-X MES. Drug manufacturers can thus benefit from the additional advantages of comprehensive production control and documentation, including equipment management.


          • Available as standalone T&T solution or seamlessly integrated into Werum’s MES solution
          • Easy extension with KPI functionality
          • Proven GMP compliance for 30+ years
          • Line controller independency

          Plug & Produce solution for vertical integration

          Werum’s Plug & Produce solution allows a fast and easy integration of machines and automation systems into the pharmaceutical production environment – a prerequisite for the implementation of many Industrie 4.0 solutions.
          Connecting a new machine to the production network used to be highly complex. In the future this will be much easier: Thanks to Werum’s Plug & Produce solution all it will take is to connect the equipment to the manufacturing IT system via a simple plug – just like inserting a USB flash drive into a laptop. The new machine or automation system then logs on to the PAS-X MES by itself. Werum’s MES software automatically receives all relevant information for the electronic execution and documentation of the production steps.

          This will be achieved because the machine on the shop floor and Werum’s PAS-X software communicate directly via a new standardized messaged-based interface. The new Plug & Produce interface makes sure that Werum’s software and the machines or automation systems speak the same language.


          • Completely vendor-independent
          • Streamlined engineering
          • Less qualification effort
          • Less setup errors
          • Reduced project run times

          Compared to before, the workload for integrating a new machine into its production environment has been cut by 75% – a quarter of what it was previously.